NWFC is a strong community!  Please watch the Northwest Fencing Center Challenge announcement, the coaches are preparing ways to stay connected and fit!  We encourage all fencers and families to participate and then invite friends from near and far to join us. Visit our YouTube channel and keep up with our workouts!


Northwest Fencing Center seeks your help during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Covid-19 Update for NWFC

It’s time for small group classes! We have developed a plan that allows us to bring fencing back inside the club in small cohort only classes. The plan is focused on the safety of our members, parents, and coaches. The plan was prepared with the support of medical and public health professionals and is consistent with the State of Oregon Executive Order and CDC guidelines for Phase One. 

All other classes (Intro, Mini, Homeschool, & Open Fencing), are on hold until further notice.

AUGUST 2020 Classes

Youth One: Tuesday 5-6 PM & Thursday 6-7 PM

Youth Two: Wednesdays 5-6 PM & Wednesdays 6-7 PM

Adult/Teen Epee: Tuesday 6-7:00 * Just added!

Men's Comp/Core Group A: Monday 6-7:00.  Second class meets Wednesday 7-8:00

Men's Comp/Core Group B: Wednesday 5-6:00. Second class meets Monday 5-6:00

Men's Comp/Core Group C: Wednesday 6-7:00. Second class meets Monday 7-8:00

Women's Comp/Core Group A: Tuesday 5-6:00. Second class meets Thursday 5-6:00

Women's Comp/Core Group B: Tuesday 6-7:00. Second class meets Thursday 6-7:00


  • You must become a member to join a class or take Private Lessons.
  • Each class will have appropriate level drills and agility work. There will be NO FENCING in class (not allowed in Phase One).

  • Bring a water bottle, weapon, & glove.

  • You may only enroll in ONE class and that will be your cohort class for the month.

  • Classes are 8 people per class only. Once a class is full, it's closed to new registrations. No waiting list.

  • Once you join a class you are in that class for the duration. No switching classes allowed (this is for tracking and tracing purposes in Phase One). If one person were in multiple classes they would no longer be discrete cohorts.

  • Face coverings will be mandatory.

 The class charges are:   Youth One = $100      All others = $150   

Membership is September 1 to August 31. We will prorate. Read all about Membership options HERE.

*Just added: Adult/Teen Epee  Intro To Fencing: Ages 13+ It is never too late to start fencing! The coach will go over the basics of fencing technique. No prior experience needed. Beginning and recreational epee fencing skill instruction for adults and teens. This is a workout class, wear comfy clothes and bring a full water bottle. All equipment is provided.


If you were in a class in July, no sign up is needed. July fencers will roll to August.

Visit our YouTube channel for footwork and workout videos!

Fencers from near and far are encouraged to follow our ONLINE SCHEDULE on YouTube.

Members, check your email for the ZOOM passwords.

Northwest Fencing Center (NWFC) is a non-profit fencing training facility renowned for providing affordable fencing lessons and personalized instruction for athletes of all ages. NWFC began as a group of dedicated fencing athletes and has grown to become a pioneer in the Olympic sport of fencing in Oregon. NWFC is a cutting-edge international training and competition hub, with a reputation for quality instruction, committed coaches and a stellar training facility.

Our Specialties

NWFC specializes in the techniques of foil and epee, with a strong focus on the core foundations of fencing, including coordination, agility and stance. Our accredited coaches are dedicated to providing a supportive, inspiring and fun atmosphere to foster a love of the sport and the growth of the athlete, both on the strip and off.

At NWFC, we are a community of friends, colleagues and athletes committed to providing the best possible instruction for you or your athlete in an encouraging, yet challenging environment. Read more about the Benefits of Fencing.


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