Leaving the Nest: Timmy Frank

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC: Timmy Frank

At age nine, Timmy took a reluctant detour from his NBA path and followed his big brother to fencing lessons in Salem. After multiple retirements (usually after a brutal beat-down by Megan Eno) Timmy landed at NWFC.

Leaving the Nest: Henry Lange

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

When Henry was 14, he wandered into a small club in Albuquerque, Duke City Fencing, where a visiting coach named Cody Mattern offered him a free lesson. Henry jumped at the chance, and was instantly hooked on the sport.

Leaving the Nest: Rosie Parker

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC Senior Rosie Parker

After watching my older brother fence for a year, I could not resist trying the same sport at age seven. I was immediately in love with the excitement, strategy, and empowerment of fencing, and this passion immensely grew when I began competing nationally at age ten.