Managing Director: Larry Crepeaux

Membership Services: Lika Vogler

Communications & Food Service: Erin Hambleton


Fencing Master: Christophe Duclos

Fencing Master: Simon Abram

Epee Fencing Master: Cody Mattern

Foil Prevot: Vince Camillo

Foil & Epee Moniteur: Chris Leclercq

Foil, Epee & Sabre Moniteur d’Armes, Epee Prevot: Michael McTigue


President – Aaron Hambleton

A native Oregonian, Aaron learned a deep appreciation for nonprofits when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 10 years old. Inspired at an annual Diabetic summer camp that he attended for years called Gales Creek Camp, Aaron developed a passion for charitable work. The combination of supporting his children fencing, his love for sports, the high level of athleticism among all ages and abilities, and the family nature of Northwest Fencing Center, it was a clear choice to be involved. Aaron enjoys the camaraderie of the board of directors, other parent members, the coaches, and especially watching the athletes grow and reach their personal goals. Aaron is the President of Northwest Fencing Center, The Director of Operations for a transportation company, plays guitar, and is a self-proclaimed gearhead/car lover.

Executive Vice President – Dan Krogh

Dan Krogh is the current Vice President and a member of NWFC for 24 seasons. Dan has represented the club in regional and national tournaments in foil and epee. He has worked in the tech sector for over 21 years and his area of expertise is Information Technology. Dan has two daughters who are both accomplished fencers. Dan’s passion is the sport of fencing and advocating for our veteran fencers.

Treasurer – Bob Marx

The current Treasurer has been a member of NWFC since its inception. Held various positions such as President, Executive Director, even coach for 9 months while we searched for a new master. Along the way, made a few Olympic teams.

Secretary – Maria Copelan

Maria began fencing in 2004 when she read in the paper about Zagunis’ first Olympic gold medal. She came to the club 35 pounds overweight and, under the advice of her doctor, signed up for the adult rec class. Maria does not enjoy exercise and prefers anything similar to it be presented as a game or challenge. She has worked under Sam Senior, Michael Marx and finally under Cody Mattern. Due to Cody’s coaching, Maria has achieved one personal and four team national golds. Soon, she will join Vet 50 where her final goal is to qualify for the U.S. International Vet team.

Vice President – Charlene Welch

Joined the NWFC board this year bringing over 25 years of non-profit program and organizational management experience. Her areas of expertise include planning, fund development, communications, and volunteer management. She looks forward to working with the NWFC board, staff, and members to advance the mission and successes of NWFC.
Charlene and her husband Ralph are parents to Ryan who is 14 and a foilist in the Competitive program and a referee at the local, regional, and national level. They also have Georgia who is 19 and a freshman at UW.”

Honorary – Suzanne Marx

Like my husband, Bob, I too have been a member of NWFC as one of the original incorporators and served in various capacities such as officer and bookkeeper. I have also served on the board of directors for the Oregon Division, U. S. Fencing Association; the U.S. Fencing Center Foundation; and Une Touche de Portland, Inc. Bob and I have been married for 34 years and have a daughter, Marie-Louise, who is a nursing student at the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing.

I am grateful I am still reasonably healthy enough to compete after previously retiring from open competition. I am proud of having represented NWFC on numerous teams, making the finals in two weapons, and having the results I am having today as a seasoned vet. I look forward to the continued growth of NWFC and what lies ahead.

Honorary – Andrei Struger

Andrei was born and grew up in Romania. He immigrated in NY, USA at the age of 17. Andrei loves arts and sports. He is trained as an artist from the NY School of Visual Arts. In his early twenties, Andrei is a high-level competitive cyclist. He is ranked by the US Cycling Federation as Cat 2, Semi-Pro cyclist. Andrei is self-employed and has been in the same e-commerce business for almost 20 years.
Andrei is passionate about health and fitness, loves the outdoors, and spending time with his family. He joined the board so he can share his experience as an athlete and as a parent to the NWFC community.

Honorary – Mike Wise

Michael has been involved, as a parent, at NWFC since 2005 when his son, Will, joined as a foil fencer. Will, who is now a junior in high school, is still a competing member. Michael is a lawyer by trade, who has served on many boards as a volunteer, and who has represented various boards in legal matters. Michael has served on the NWFC Board as an Honorary Member for the last year.
Michael lives and works in Lake Oswego with his wife, Sharon, and has a daughter at the University of Washington and a son at Lakeridge Junior High

Honorary – Randall Lambert


Meetings will start at 6pm, and will start with a session open to all NWFC members to address the Executive Board of Directors, with comments, questions, etc.

Nov 17, 2016 – Jan 26, 2017 – Mar 16, 2017 – May 18, 2017 – July 20, 2017 – Sep 21, 2017