Photography Repository

NWFC welcomes photographers to share their images with our fencing community. Explore the links and find yourself, your family or your friends featured in tournaments or other events.

You may use these photos for personal use only. You may not use any of these images for print, duplication or for any commercial purpose without the permission of the authors. NWFC may use these images for it’s website or other promotional events media but not for sale profits without the permission of the authors.

Erin Hambleton

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Erin is an enthusiastic fencing mom and photographer with a great eye. Closely involved in the NWFC big family and she also maintains our instagram feed at @nwfencing so make sure you follow and use hashtag #nwfc on your photos.

Cristina Ford

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Cristina is a National Champion in individual and team events as well as World champion in Team. She has been taking Fencing photos since she started fencing so make sure you browse thru all the sets, there’s tons of photos. Thanks for sharing Cristina.

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Kevin Crotchett

Kevin is a fencing dad who’s not afraid to put his whites on and duke it out on the strip with the rest of us. Many photos of his son Kaiden and friends during tournaments and pratices but I bet you’ll find yourself in those pictures too!

Kevin Crotchett is also the author of the Fencer’s Journal , an application built for the iPad and PC or MacOS computer, Fencer’s Journal easily tracsk your training objectives, goals, bouts, tournaments, and opponents. Reflect on your fecning to improve skill and strategy.

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Julian Nelson

Julian began fencing in Germany years ago and only recently returned to the sport.

Drawn to traditional methods of photographic representation. Julian tends to privilege vintage, mechanical film cameras, specifically the 4×5 large format, and mostly works with the medium of black and white film, developed in chemicals by hand in small batches. He leaves action photography to the digital crowd. The silver gelatin print endures long after the pose: it captures something timeless, like fencing itself, and offers an artifact for the contemplation of individuals who leave their unique mark on the sport of fencing.

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Carrie Warlaumont

Carrie is part of the current national Champion Veteran woman’s team. She oftens carry her camera in her fencing bag and enjoys capturing the sport of fencingas well as people expressions.