An Annual Commitment is required for Competitive Programs: Foil, Epee & Youth

These year-long training programs are central in our efforts to produce competitive fencers for regional, national and international competitions, and require substantial NWFC resources. In partnership, NWFC requires the following family and fencer commitments:

  • All competitive fencers are expected to energetically participate in classes, tournaments, camps, and club events.
  • All fencers invited to these programs are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct and be stellar representatives of NWFC when traveling to fencing events.
  • Fencers agree to communicate early with coaches with any issues or concerns about training, injuries, and class environment to benefit everyone in the annual programs.
  • Each fencer may take a one-month break from training (and program fees) each calendar year. This allows each family to take a break month during the season but allows the center to maintain its commitments year-round. To receive program discounts (private lessons, camps, etc.), the fencer must be enrolled during months discounts are given.
  • Medical situations: If a fencer is injured and will miss out on training for 60 days or more, they can request a waiver of monthly payment. This long-term absence requires formal written directive by a qualified medical professional stating the injury and the recuperation process of 60 days or more, and must be submitted to the Executive Director. If a Medical waiver is granted, fencers cannot receive discounts for lessons or camps during the period in which no monthly payment is made.
  • Any other early withdrawals from this program prior to the end of the season require any balance due paid in full.