The At-Large (AL) program was designed to acknowledge athletes who are dedicated to training at Northwest Fencing Center but may not have the luxury of living near the center. The athlete fences for NWFC and is committed to training with us, our coaches and our athletes at a minimum (or equivalent) of once per week throughout the fencing season. AL members are expected to join us for winter and pre-NAC camps and fence as part of our competitive teams during competition. AL participants must be sponsored and approved by the NWFC Managing Head Coach who will also be responsible for reviewing membership throughout the season.


Regular Membership at NWFC
Participate in regularly scheduled competitive training classes at NWFC
Strip coaching at competitive events where coaches are in attendance
Camps at 25% off full priced rates
Athlete of NWFC as your primary club
Fence as a member of a NWFC team in team events
Schedule private lessons at normal rates
Open Bouting at no charge


USFA paid membership
Athlete must list NWFC as their primary club
At Large Participants are required to attend either private lessons, group classes, camps or clinics 4 times a month (or an agreed equivalent). This commitment must be maintained to ensure membership is in good standing.
Payment and contract for AL Program

Cost: Fencers under the age of 19: $2500 for the fencing season

Fencers age 19 and over: $2000 for the fencing season

*The price is set for the fencing season and there is NO prorating the cost of the At Large Program

Note: Participants in the At Large Program are receiving in-kind benefits in the form of subsidized classes, camp discounts, free strip coaching, registration fees for NWFC teams, etc. as described in the Benefits section above. Participants are not eligible to apply for NWFC scholarships or grants.