NWFC Youth Camps: Why Fencing?

Vince CamilloNews

Why Fencing Beginners

Fencing is a sport that engages the body AND mind. Learn about why fencing could be the sport for you or your child.

2018 Annual Meeting: Big Things Around the Corner!

Karen MaresNews

Over 130 attended the Annual Meeting on May 18th where we conducted club business and celebrated our 17 senior class fencers. Enjoy our video tribute! Thank you to new board members Philip Barbar, Ruth Berkowitz, Sam Larsen, and Sherry Shao who will join Dick King, Dan Krogh, Bob Marx, Ajnya Pai, Michael Pickering, Laurie Shertz, and Charlene Welch as the 2018-2019 … Read More

Cody Mattern is inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame!

Larry CrepeauxNews

Cody Mattern started fencing at Salle Auriol, now the Northwest Fencing Center in Beaverton, Oregon. He passed up college scholarships to dedicate himself to fencing, first in Oregon and later at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he and represented the Army’s World Class Athlete Program.