Epee & Foil Competitive

Ages 12+ | Requires coach invitation

NWFC is renowned for this program. It is the place from which all of the NWFC champions have come.  This is a 12 month program that meets a minimum of 4 days per week.

  • All students are expected to take at least one private lesson per week, with most students taking two or three per week.
  • Inclusion in this program is by coach invitation only once a student has proven themselves in the Youth Intermediate program, or the CORE program, or has come to NWFC from another program.
  • Two camps per year (Winter Camp and Pre-Nationals Camp) are included for competition program fencers. 
  • Comp fencers will receive the standard 10% club discount on all other club camps and functions.
Price:             One payment of $4500 for annual payment plan 
          Two payments of  $2300  bi-annual payment plan
            Four payments of $1200for quarterly payment plan
Monthly : 12 monthly payments of $400
Four classes per week:
Monday & Wednesday 630-330 AND Tuesday & Thursday 630-730