Beginning in the 2016-17 season, the NWFC will be offering the following types of grants:

Competition grants (includes entry fees and travel to national and international competitions) for Y-14, cadets, juniors, and senior fencers vying for international teams; and
Other (e.g. wheelchair frame, scoring machines and reel systems, camps, fencing programs for underserved communities or disadvantaged youth, and any other special projects).

To apply for a grant, members must meet the following requirements:

Be a S. Citizen or a permanent resident alien;
Be a current and active member of NWFC for least one year;
Member’ s account must be in good standing, meaning that members whose accounts are in arrears (3 months or more) must make arrangements to repay the arrears before applying for a grant and must be current with their payments under any repayment plan to receive any funds; and
Member must have volunteered at NWFC within the past

Applicants must also be prepared to provide the following documentation:

If employed, a copy of pay stub(s) covering the most recent 30
Copy of W-2 forms for the prior
Copy of latest personal federal tax
If a minor, a copy of the parents’ or guardians’ latest personal federal tax returns. Social security numbers should be removed or otherwise
If you are not a S. citizen, a copy of your current passport or INS paperwork indicating current status.
Resume, including your results from the previous year, fencing accomplishments and goals, and current national standing.
Letter of recommendation from your fencing
Training and competition schedules for the grant year.

A grant application can be obtained at the front desk or downloaded here.

All applications should be directed to the attention of the Grant Committee, preferably in a sealed envelope. You may mail or deliver the completed application to the front desk. The application must be completed in full and must be legible. The application authorizes NWFC to verify the information contained therein and to verify the fencing credentials and references. A determination is generally made by the committee within 30 days after receipt of the application. The committee is composed of two former officers of Une Touche de Portland, Inc., a member of the board of directors of NWFC, and two other individuals. Submission of an application is in no way a guarantee that a grant will be awarded. Applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Grants are not carried forward from one season to the next.

Members must reapply every season, if further assistance is needed.