NWVC Patch standardsNorthwest Fencing Center gold and black patch for membersEvery member receives a shiny NEW club patch to represent NWFC on the strip! Additional patches are $5.

Fencers who earned (or have previously earned) their club patch based on tournament results will receive the black and gold version.

Fencers winning a Direct Elimination (DE) bout at a national event will earn the black and gold patch. National events include: SYC, SJCC, NAC, JO's,  July Challenge and Nationals.
Having "a bye" for a direct elimination round does not earn a fencer a patch.

Purchase all your fencing needs from fully assembled weapons to parts, full fencing uniforms and branded NWFC clothing.

For more information: 503-277-223 | EMAIL : FRONT.DESK@NWFENCING.ORG