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The “pit of dispair” Donors

The Caldwell Family
Salvatore D’Auria
Debbie Neft
Jodi Ostrovsky
“Doc” & “Izzy” Moore
Michael and Colleen Hutchison
Claduia Sanzone
The Varadi Family
Percy Kilpatrick
Mark & Moxane Balmer
Penny Okamoto
Maria Copelan
The Urban Family
Karen Haberle and Family
The Jasper Family
The Hutton Family
Mika Maruyama
Thomas Quiring
Ryan Lund
Helen Jolley
Farooq Habib & Carolyn Granholm
Karolyn Hoida
Kristin Stanley
Mitchell & Patrick Linegar
Judi Cardinal
Connor Weinstein
Andrea Domen
Wendy Dubois

Seth Baldwin
Morgan Barnett
Sam Senior
Steven Alexis
Peter Harmer
Gregory Mitberg
Nathaniel Tilp
Spencer Simon
Kyle Schiller
Mark Byran
Elizabeth Youmans
Rita & Hunor Somogyi
Joan Bell
Dan & Colleen Colley
Kire Hohensee
Elana Nilaver
Josh Brown
Ann Olson
Austin Steed
Pierre Bos
The Crebs Family
The Silver Family
Robert & Keli Thompson and Family
Ray Kristof & Amy Satran
The Maghew Family
Eileen Kravitz

How to Donate :

The Northwest Fencing Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Please check with your tax professional to ensure your gift is deductible.
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