NWFC NEXT (Capital Campaign)


NWFC’s rich four-decade legacy leads us to amazing crossroads in 2018! We have secured our location for 10+ years and will also be expanding into the space currently occupied by Hotshots Billiards. Phased construction begins summer 2018!

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NWFC’s rich four-decade legacy leads us to amazing crossroads in 2018! Now is the time to advance our mission by training and hosting even more fencers of all ages and aspirations.





*The goal was to find a place to expand and secure the facility for 10+ years.
*Create a larger, state-of-the-art facility to train more fencers.
*Design a multi-purposed layout to host additional local, US Fencing and FIE sanctioned events.
*We have spent months looking at multiple locations within the 217/26 corridors to lease or own that might be a suitable home.


*The cost of building flooring, bathrooms and HVAC compared with higher rents led us back home. Instead we will take additional square footage in our existing building as the property owner has given us first right of refusal for the billiards space next-door.
*Square footage will increase from 13846 to 21714 + 7868 – increase of 56% but our rent will only increase 45%.
*So many plusses to expanding here such as: new front entrance with more exposure, existing bathrooms to combine into locker rooms, larger spectator areas for tournaments and an outdoor multi-purpose covered area.
*Over 30 training strips.
*16 competition strips – 4 pods of 4 as required for National and International competitions.
*Dividable floor area for separated classes.
*Spectator area will increase three-fold.


*The billiards space will be available in June of 2019.


*The landlord will participate in preparing the new space but we need to raise funds for improvements, additional strips and relocated offices/pro shop, etc.
*With $60,000 already in our capital fund we can get started but we need to prepare for the unexpected and as such want to raise the estimated project costs exceeding $200,000.


*The staff and board are working to fulfill our fundraising needs by seeking member/alumni donations, grants and corporate sponsorships.

To get involved please contact: Larry Crepeaux, Executive Director
larry@nwfencing.org, 503.957.6304